Problem with automatically deleting the opensearch index

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Dear Team,

I used helm chart to deploy an opensearch pod that was PVC maintained, but when I didn’t use it for two days, say over the weekend, the index got automatically wiped. My pod remained the same, and I lost all of my data. I also looked through the logs, but I didn’t find anything wrong, and I couldn’t find a way to fix this kind of issue. Please assist me in finding a solution to this problem.


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[2023-09-24T12:08:23,011][WARN ][o.o.t.TcpTransport ] [opensearch-cluster-master-0] SSL/TLS request received but SSL/TLS is not enabled on this node, got (16,3,1,0), [Netty4TcpChannel{localAddress=/24.340.5.111:9300, remoteAddress=/24.340.2.214:49839}], closing connection
[2023-09-24T12:11:34,488][INFO ][o.o.j.s.JobSweeper ] [opensearch-cluster-master-0] Running full sweep

@sanpadaganesh1 Have you checked the stats of the PVC?
Was it recreated or deleted?

kubectl describe pvc <pvc_name>

@pablo I have already checked PVC is not deleted nor recreated still i lost my data and now i have inserted my all the data mannually.

@sanpadaganesh1 What is your PV solution?