Problem applying index pattern

Edit: Removing one part about ISM policy. I figured out that I was missing an action.

I have two opensearch domains A and B managed by aws. A has fairly simple asm policy which is “delete all indices older than 3 weeks”. The problem is that all the indices have different names, I can’t use a wildcard like “logs* or logsaccess”. The index pattern I have is something like “ab-cd-fg-something-something.something-2022.04 or abc-sd-something-something-2022.03”. I created an ism_template with the following index_patterns.

"index_patterns": [

But the this template is not applied to the new indices. This index pattern is ignored by opensearch. I would like to know how to make this work.
As for B, the case is a little different.
The pattern of indices is quite similar. The only thing I can think of is all the indices have prod in their name, either in the middle, beginning or at the end.
But the bigger issue is I need two policies. One for two indices which have updated and evaluated string in the index name. I tried to try some regex but it seems like opensearch works with very few basic regex operations.
I cannot create policies for each case as they are a lot and can increase in future.
Could somone guide me with this?
Thank you

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Hey Rizvaughan!

I spent a good bit of time today digging and here is what I found. I believe the index patterns don’t support normal regex patterns. The index pattern field you are referencing is very similar to the ones used to create index patterns from the ‘app/management/opensearch-dashboards/indexPatterns/create’ section of OpenSearch-Dashbaords. On that page there is this little snippit:

Use an asterisk (*) to match multiple indices. Spaces and the characters \, /, ?, ", <, >, | are not allowed.

I believe this is the issue you are seeing right now. I have submitted an issue here and if you’d like you can submit a PR to fix this in the docs.

Hi @dtaivpp !
Thank you for your comment and for your time. This is one of the few regex I came up with which didn’t give me the error you have mentioned above. Yes, it’s not clear at all. I am not very familiar with PR on github to be honest. If you have opened an issue, should I open another one for the same cause? Sorry it’s not the place for you to teach me how PR works but I will leave a comment on your issue.
Thank you!

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@Rizvaughan no need to open another! I saw your comment and that is more than enough support for us to get some headway. Also, it is 100% okay to ask about creating a PR. I have actually been thinking it might be good to create a guide that walks through the process. Let me know if that would be helpful!

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Hi again @dtaivpp ,
Thanks a lot yeah that would be great! Looking forward to it!

Just wanted to loop you in, I just want to get one of my Java focused peers to double check and make sure the documentation is correct and we can know exactly how it’s implemented. By this I mean I am looking to see if just wildcards are supported or if it uses something like glob patterns. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you @dtaivpp !
Yeah it will be very helpful to know what the limitations are.