Poll: Community Meeting Schedule 2022

We could use your input. In order to cover more topics and additional time zones, we are planning to expand to weekly community meetings in 2022. As we discussed in the ‘Join us on Nov 16th for our Community Meeting’, meetings will be in pairs - one week following the current format, the second week will be more of an open office format. The plan will be to alternate between the two most popular times, therefore allowing the widest access across the globe.

Please vote on the preferred times:

  • 9 AM PT (2 AM Tokyo, 10:30 PM Bangalore, 5PM London)
  • 4 PM PT (9 AM Tokyo, 5:30 AM Bangalore, 12 AM London)
  • 7 AM PT (12 AM Tokyo, 8:30 AM Bangalore, 3PM London)

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Please vote on your preferred time. Poll will be open until December 3rd, 9AM.

Thank you

Admittedly, I didn’t convert the times, but your reference for Bangalore looks wrong compared to the others. Maybe just option one is wrong in the am/pm direction.

I used this site for each of them: