Point in Time API

Hi all,

The release notes for 2.3.0 make it sound like the PIT API is available in this version:

Point in time API security changes (#2033)

But I don’t see it in the docs.

The 2.4 docs do document PIT API but when I try to POST /<indexname>/_search/point_in_time on 2.3 I get a no handler found for uri error message.

So, is PIT API available in 2.3.0? Thanks!

Hey @dviszneki-inf that is a good point out and I am curious how to make this more clear. After looking it over I think that was just preparation for PIT within the security module. Here is the work that is tracking the PIT features.

Hey, thanks @dtaivpp

Do I understand correctly then that there is no public PIT API in 2.3.x?

Thanks again!

PIT API was released in 2.4:

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Hi, OpenSearch Community! Please, help to find solution on how to implement tie-breaker. Is there a basic API or some custom solution?
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Does it make sense to start an issue for this on GitHub?