Performance Analyzer Report

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Describe the issue:
I can run both single node and multiple node clusters.
I could push and pull data via python
All aspects works fine.
performance-analyzer is running I can see many metrics file under /dev/shm
However, I could not view them via Postman at

For me, localhost:9600 is not responding.

The following are configured. Because, I am running cluster in my local host.
https-enabled = false
webservice-bind-host =

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

@sarankup Did you expose port 9600 in your docker-compose.yml file?

Hi Pablo, Thanks for your response. Yes, indeed, I expose the 9600 port. I wonder when 9200 accessible from browser without exposing from Docker, why 9600 needs to be exposed. Despite, it doesn’t work.

Here is my docker file

@sarankup I didn’t try Docker on Mac. I always use Linux as docjer host. Can you chceck if the Mac is listening on port 9600?

Hi Pablo,

Yes, My Mac listens to 9600. As soon as I started the OpenSearch, I saw a few lines, but after an hour, I could see more than 1000 lines. I ran the same docker on a Linux machine, too. Unfortunately, no response.

lsof -i :9600
opensearc 19194 saran  476u  IPv4 0x3c6637faa9d8d7bd      0t0  TCP localhost:58362->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)
opensearc 19194 saran  477u  IPv4 0x3c6637faaad3f3bd      0t0  TCP localhost:58364->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)
opensearc 19194 saran  478u  IPv4 0x3c6637faa9eb6ebd      0t0  TCP localhost:58365->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)
opensearc 19194 saran  479u  IPv4 0x3c6637faa9d5e83d      0t0  TCP localhost:58366->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)
opensearc 19194 saran  480u  IPv4 0x3c6637faa9ec45bd      0t0  TCP localhost:58367->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)
opensearc 19194 saran  481u  IPv4 0x3c6637faaac9a33d      0t0  TCP localhost:58368->localhost:micromuse-ncpw (ESTABLISHED)

Here is my call. It keeps searching for more than 3 mins and exit with Error: read ECONNRESET

curl --location 'https://localhost:9600/_plugins/_performanceanalyzer/metrics/units' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxx'