Pattern-based field masking disables the search

OpenSearch v 1.3.0
I have a role with a Pattern-based field masking on a single term.
For example,

message::/Handle SUBSCRIBE message; name:.+-/::Handle SUBSCRIBE message; name:***-

As a user with that role:

  1. I can not use the masked field in search at all.
    When I use the following search query (DQL): ‘message:“Handle SUBSCRIBE”’
    I am receiving “No results match your search criteria”.
    The same is happening with any other query with that field (ex. ‘message:foo’)
  2. I can find the document by querying with other terms. In that scenario, the ‘message’ field is masked as expected.

I found no any explanation or documentation describing how field masking affects the queries on that fields. Is it designed to disable search on that fields?