Otel collector -> dataPrepper -> openSearch

Hi I want to implement application-monitoring(traces & metrics) for nodeJS application, using opensearch stack. Being a beginner for using trace-analytics aws service, i’m following below steps for same. Can someone plz confirm the steps?? Also, suggest what should be the version requirements of otel-collector and data-prepper. I’m using aws opensearch of v2.3 and pulled the latest docker image of data-prepper(not sure what’s the version).

  1. Adding automatic-instrumentation inside application code.
  2. Sending data (traces&metrics) over the otel-collector, configuring otlp receivers and data-prepper exporter.
  3. Running data-prepper, configuring otel-trace-source and opensearch sink. My otel-collector and data-prepper are running on same ec2instance.

@dlv would you be able to assist on this?

Hey @kris ,my trace-analytics pipeline is working fine. But for metrics i didn’t get success. I’m using promClient as a receiver for otel-collector and exporting to dataPrepper.

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