OS2.3 integration with Vega

These questions pertain to OS Dashboards 2.3:

In Kibana V7.10 there are several specific integrations with vega:

For example, support for the four function calls:

There is specific configuration:

config: {
kibana: {
// Placement of the Vega-defined signal bindings.
// Can be left, right, top, or bottom (default).
controlsLocation: top
// Can be vertical or horizontal (default).
controlsDirection: vertical
// If true, hides most of Vega and Vega-Lite warnings
hideWarnings: true
// Vega renderer to use: svg or canvas (default)
renderer: canvas
// Defaults to ‘false’, restores Vega signal values on refresh
restoreSignalValuesOnRefresh: false

There is support for some metavariables:


I understand that this is supported in OpenSearchDashboards 2.3 as well.

Where is this documented?
Are the names and labels the same as in Kibana, for example kibanaSetFilter()?
Specifically is there support for the configuration directive “restoreSignalValuesOnRefresh”?

I didn’t find them documented anywhere but peaked at the code and found that vega functions are exposed with

const vegaFunctions = {
  opensearchDashboardsAddFilter: 'addFilterHandler',
  opensearchDashboardsRemoveFilter: 'removeFilterHandler',
  opensearchDashboardsRemoveAllFilters: 'removeAllFiltersHandler',
  opensearchDashboardsSetTimeFilter: 'setTimeFilterHandler',
  opensearchDashboardsVisEventTriggered: 'triggerExternalActionHandler',

However, I don’t see anything like restoreSignalValuesOnRefresh.