Opsgenie webhooks are failing

Versions: v2.11.0

Describe the issue: When I create a channel for Opsgenie and send a test message it fails with the following error:

[status_exception] {“event_status_list”: [{“config_id”:“vvKuY4wBlKml19AcevPL”,“config_type”:“webhook”,“config_name”:“temp-testing”,“email_recipient_status”:,“delivery_status”:{“status_code”:“500”,“status_text”:“Failed to send webhook message Failed: {"message":"Invalid JSON","took":0.001,"requestId":"a7ded031-8a90-43c2-a9aa-bbc02ea3a840"}”}}]}
It even fails when I create a monitor for it.

If I test it with curl it’s working, creates the alert: curl -X POST “https://api.eu.opsgenie.com/v2/alerts” -H “Authorization: GenieKey ****” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{ “message”: “An Example alert message” }’

If I test it with newly created webhook on webhook.site, it also works.


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

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