OpenSearch rest high level client brings lots of transitive dependencies including Lucene

Sorry if this has been raised before but I couldn’t find it discussed in any other posts.

The opensearch-rest-high-level-client brings a lot of transitive dependencies from the server, including all lucene jars, which shouldn’t be really needed in the client. Manually excluding these jars from the pom introduced lots of errors.

This seems to be reminiscent of

Are there any plans to remove these transitive dependencies from the OpenSearch client?



it is my understanding that elastic had already started down the path of creating a new java client:

and opensearch has forked this:

i would presume that this won’t have these dependencies, but i only know that it exists and haven’t looked at it yet. i guess somebody working on it will be able to confirm the details here.

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Oh, this is very useful. I didn’t know there was a new client library that replaces the (now I know, old) High Level Rest Client. That’s the one I was using and I just realized that it too brings transient dependencies like lucene.

I’m going to try the new client library and report back. Thank you!