OpenSearch read/write queue sizes

Version: 2.6.0

Describe the issue:
What is the equivalent for threadpool bulk writes and reads in Opensearch?
I found these by running querying the default settings


This is what I have in older versions of ES, wanted to see if there is anything similar to that



"search": { "max_queue_size": "1000", "queue_size": "1000", "size": "8", "auto_queue_frame_size": "2000", "target_response_time": "1s", "min_queue_size": "1000" },

, and thread_pool.write:

"write": { "queue_size": "10000", "size": "5" },
the default queue sizes are 1000 and 10000, which are same to ES 7.10.

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I checked my default settings, the only thing I was able to find for thread_pool where these


Does that mean I have to set this up? Do I set it up in my config file, or update it as persistent setting via API?

That’s wired, did you get the default settings by GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults=true?

Correct. What version of OpenSearch do you have? 2.6.0

@stecino yes, it’s 2.6.0,

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I found these in my json

      "search": {
        "max_queue_size": "1000",
        "queue_size": "1000",
        "size": "7",
        "auto_queue_frame_size": "2000",
        "target_response_time": "1s",
        "min_queue_size": "1000"

      "write": {
        "queue_size": "10000",
        "size": "4"


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