OpenSearch -PagerDuty Integration Issue

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): 2.11
Describe the issue:
Dear blog Mates ,
i have a Opensearch version 2.11 and we want to make integration between our opensearch and pagerduty ,so i went to the pagerDuty integration and i created a custom v2 API,
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 18.06.59
i copied all the parameters into my opensearch → Notification->Channels and i clicked on the “Create Channel” Button :
i Filled all the parameters as just as they written in the PagerDuty :

When i Click on the Send Test Message i Got this Error :

Did Someone Face With Error Like this As well? what can be the Problem ?

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exactly same here !

Thats Fine , you cant send a Message Because when you send a Tets Message the Message Dosent have the correct template ,
Save this stats and then create a new monitor , and adde to the message this Parameters :
Pagre Duty Custom Message :

“event_action”: “trigger”,
“payload” :
“summary”: “{{}} -Severity : {{ctx.trigger.severity}}\n -Period start : {{ctx.periodStart}}\n -Period end: {{ctx.periodEnd}}\n ,
“source”: " {{}}”,
“severity”: “critical”

Its should work