Opensearch java response stuck on org.apache.http.concurrent.BasicFuture:get

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch version : 1.1
Java rest high level client : 2.6.0

Describe the issue:
We had multiple threads stuck waiting for a response, sometimes for a whole day. Do we know exactly what goes wrong in the HTTP client that can explain this ?


final CredentialsProvider credentialsProvider = new BasicCredentialsProvider();

        new UsernamePasswordCredentials(openSearchProperties.getUsername(), openSearchProperties.getPassword()));

    RestClientBuilder builder = RestClient.builder(new HttpHost(openSearchProperties.getHost(), openSearchProperties.getPort(), "https"))
      .setHttpClientConfigCallback(httpClientBuilder -> httpClientBuilder
    return new RestHighLevelClient(builder);

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

@rajvasani11 do you have an idea what OpenSeach API is being affected? Do you have timeout configured per request?

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