OpenSearch ingest attachment processor failed to extract text from word file

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch 2.3 (latest)

Describe the issue:
I want to extract text from the word (.docx) file using the OpenSearch ingest-attachment-processor. It was working fine in the previous Version of OpenSearch which was 1.3. But now in the latest 2.3 version it is giving me an error. Which is 502 Bad Gateway.

I have used the same file in 1.3 version, and it was extracting text without any issue but in this version, someone how give me an error of 502.

AWS OpenSearch, latest clients (basic authentication).

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Based on Ingest-attachment cannot be installed, perhaps you don’t have the ingest-attachment plugin installed on OpenSearch. Using bin/opensearch-plugin list, can you please check if it is?

If it is, the OpenSearch logs would tell us what the problem was.

No, I just contacted amazon (raise a ticket) and there is an issue in this version so waiting for their response.