Opensearch docker setup


Can anyone advise how i can troubleshoot.

Currently installing opensearch using docker-compose offline without internet.
-running docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
-To point to a local image, i downloaded the opensearch image and tag it to localhost:5000/88b67cc9e81f:opensearch

currently the node seems to run without error, but when i try
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200/_cat/health -u admin:admin --insecure

I got an error
“OpenSearch Security not initialized.”

Hope any one can guide me on troubleshooting this issue.

Thank you.


Moving this to the security category.

Hi @andy_leong

Do you have any errors in the opensearch logs? Maybe there is an issue with the config.yml file.


Not sure why, I cleared everything and re install, all seems fine.
So sorry for the trouble.

Tried to replicate the issue again, and cant.

But am curious what i did wrong.