Opensearch Delete not working for Child documents

Versions OpenSearch: 2.3.0
Databricks: Runtime 10.4 LTS

Describe the issue:
Unable to delete child documents in opensearch from databricks. Using elasticsearch-spark-30_2.12-7.15.2.jar
The job runs successfully, but the child record remains in the index after refresh. No issues in deleting the parent record.

import boto3
import requests
import json
from pyspark.sql.types import *
import pyspark.sql.functions as F

.option(“es.nodes”, ‘https://’ + [“HOST”])
.option(“es.port”, [“PORT”])
.option(“”, “true”)
.option(“”, “true”)
.option(“”, “USER”)
.option(“”, “PASSWORD”)
.option(“es.nodes.wan.only”, “true”)
.option(‘es.nodes.discovery’, ‘false’)
.option(“”, “https”)
.option(‘es.resource’, index_name)
.option(‘’, <_id field of the record to be delete>)
.option(‘es.mapping.join’, )
.option(‘’, ‘false’)
.option(‘es.write.operation’, delete)
.option(‘es.http.timeout’, timeout_hrs)
.option(‘es.http.retries’, retry_num)

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hey, this may be because our API’s have diverged from Elasticsearche’s in the 2.x line. I would recommend testing this using the OpenSearch-Hadoop jar file you may see better success.