Opensearch Dashboards Reports plugin Access Issue

Hi Everyone,

I am weorking with opensearch 1.0.0

I can able to create and download the reports with admin access.

But i have created one internal user and i have mapped the user only in reports_full_access, reports_read_access, readall

My expectation is the newly created user able to see the reports in reports section.

But i got the below error, wehn i am trying to access Opensearch reports

[INFO ][o.o.s.p.PrivilegesEvaluator] [node-1] No cluster-level perm match for User [name=pstes, backend_roles=[, readall], requestedTenant=user] Resolved [aliases=[], allIndices=[], types=[], originalRequested=[], remoteIndices=] [Action [cluster:admin/opensearch/reports/instance/list]] [RolesChecked [reports_full_access, own_index, reports_read_access, readall, reports_read_access_copy]]. No permissions for [cluster:admin/opensearch/reports/instance/list]

IT is expecting opensearch reports permission. But in security plugin, it has cluster permission related to opendistro.

  • cluster:admin/opendistro/reports/definition/create
  • cluster:admin/opendistro/reports/definition/delete
  • cluster:admin/opendistro/reports/definition/get
  • cluster:admin/opendistro/reports/definition/list

It is not allowing to add permission(cluster:admin/opensearch/reports/instance/list) related to opensearch in existing role(reporst_read_access).

Hi Team,

I have tried the above one in opensearch version 1.2.0

I have create some reports in admin user and created one internal user and mapped the user in reports related roles.

But still reports are not loading in internal user reporting page.

In console, i got the below line.
reports:ReportDefinition-getAll fromIndex:0 maxItems:10000

Am i missing anything?

the permission naming issue is fixed in 1.2 [BUG] CSV exports dont work for non-admin users (and other report functions). · Issue #223 · opensearch-project/dashboards-reports · GitHub

Upgrading is the right choice. But it seems you still have issues. I couldn’t tell from the console log. Could you have more details? Any error pop up, any failed requests from the browser inspector? If you can share an HAR file, that would be even better