Opensearch-dashboard + keycloak

After enabling openid in opensearch_dashboards.yml (opensearch_security.auth.type: “openid”) dashboard does not show login page anymore but shows keycloak login page (very simple page not formated. Keycloak has more pretty pages). Thus there is no way to choice how user wants to login:

  • using internal user database
  • using keycloak

Other applications usually has an options on login page allowing to choose auth method.

Is it possible to configure opensearch-dashboard to show auth method option list ?

@Antonio The OpenSearch Dashboard doesn’t support multiple authentication methods.
You’re allowed to configure only one.

In regards to OpenId authentication, this will always redirect you to the IdP provider login page instead of OpenSearch Dashboards.

You might be interested in creating a feature request in the OpenSearch Dashboards’ security plugin GitHub.