Opensearch-dashboad did not start if opesearch has basic authentication disabled


I want to use the authentication methods: jwt and clientcert.

Everything works fine with opensearch, I could populate indices and query/search on them using certificates…

But opensearch-dashboard does not initialize if basic authentication is disabled…

Here what I configured in opensearch-dasboards.yml

opensearch.hosts: [“https://localhost:9200”]

opensearch.ssl.verificationMode: certificate

opensearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: [ “/etc/opensearch/config/root-ca.pem” ]

#opensearch.username: “kibanaserver”

#opensearch.password: “kibanaserver”

opensearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [ authorization ]

server.ssl.enabled: true

server.ssl.certificate: /etc/dashboards/config/dash.pem

server.ssl.key: /etc/dashboards/config/dash-key.pem true

Does opensearch-dashboard works if basic authentication is disables in opensearch ?

Thanks in advance,