OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2023-1212

OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2023-1212 - Hope we see you all there!


  • Fluent Bit 2.2 release overview - @agup006 Calyptia
  • OpenSearch Assistant demo - @dtaivpp Sr. Dev. Avocado :avocado:, @ashisagr-amzn Software Engineer, @anirudha Engineering Manager - OpenSearch
  • Integrating Figma in UserZoom tests - @apasun @xenia - OpenSearch UI / Research

Date: Tue, December 12, 2023
Time: 03:00 PM PT (UTC -8)

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Chat log:
15:07:00 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
OpenSearch 1.3.14 Opensearch 1.3.14 · OpenSearch
15:07:28 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
opensearch-build/release-notes/ at main · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub
15:07:51 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
Leadership Committee Announcing the OpenSearch Project Leadership Committee · OpenSearch
15:26:27 From Patti to Everyone:
Anurag_gup · OpenSearch
15:27:29 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
OpenSearch adds a new generative AI assistant toolkit · OpenSearch
15:27:48 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
And you can try it out here:
15:30:39 From Amitai Stern to Everyone:
Very cool!
15:32:45 From Navneet to Everyone:
How that number is came out to 5?
15:33:35 From Joshua Li to Everyone:
the question is not clear so it’s taking a guess, considering that flights less than 5 hours are “short”
15:35:42 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
Please add your input here! [RFC] OpenSearch Assistant · Issue #18 · opensearch-project/dashboards-assistant · GitHub
15:36:56 From Kris Freedain to Everyone:
#assistant-feedback in the OpenSearch Slack instance
15:47:55 From Nathan Boot to Everyone:
“Prompt injection” ?
15:49:22 From Yaliang Wu to Everyone:
[RFC] Agent framework · Issue #1161 · opensearch-project/ml-commons · GitHub We maintain the conversation/chat history in long term memory which is a system index
15:52:35 From Yaliang Wu to Everyone:
+1 TTL is a good suggestion, feel free to comment on the Github issue
15:52:41 From Xenia Tupitsyna to Everyone: - Figma help on sharing links - OpenSearch Figma community page

Using community insights to create a persona framework to improve search experiences · OpenSearch - Blog on persona framework

OpenSearch search personas: Creating Figma templates to represent a persona framework · OpenSearch - blog on the persona and user journey templates
16:01:45 From Sam Herman to Everyone:
Got to drop, thank you all for the very cool demos. Will have to catch up on the recording for Xenia’s presentation :slightly_smiling_face:
16:05:15 From Xenia Tupitsyna to Everyone:
Reacted to “Got to drop, thank y…” with :heart:
16:05:30 From Patti to Everyone:
Dad joke time!
16:05:43 From Andriy Redko to Everyone:
Thanks folks!
16:05:46 From Samuel Valdes Gutierrez to Everyone:
Bye bye thanks all!