OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2023-0314

OpenSearch Community Meeting - 2023-0314 - Hope we see you all there!


  • Progress on connecting OpenSearch to object stores using Apache Spark - @jdbright & OpenSearch SQL team
  • TBD

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Meeting ID: 846 6913 9701
Passcode: 927316

Would you like to present? Tag @kris @dtaivpp @nateynate and we’ll work to get you added to the agenda!

Feel free to comment on this agenda before the meeting if you want to add an item or have a question.

After the meeting, we will post the chat log and any meeting notes. We welcome you to keep the conversation going here on the forum.

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Leave a comment and let us know if you’re interested in presenting!

The SQL team would like to do a quick community check-in on how we are progressing connecting OpenSearch to object stores using Apache Spark.

thanks @jdbright - added you to the agenda