OpenSearch client response is very slow

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch.Client - 1.3.0
OpenSearch.Net - 1.3.0

Describe the issue:

OpenSearch Client SearchAsync method is returning the results to the Class Model (Models.MOTPOpenSearchItem) in 17 second while the AWS opensearch URL hits through postman giving the results in 2 sec (further taking 5-6 Sec to formatting the response). What I am doing wrong with the client libraries.

Total Documents - 6053
Shards - 5

Attached screenshots from C# code


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Thank you for putting this together. I can’t think of anything you would be doing. Would you be willing to open an issue here? Issues · opensearch-project/opensearch-net · GitHub

I reported the issue in the repo:

Hi ,

We found that the OpenSearch dashboard also took a long time to display records. However, with 9,000 records, search took 3 seconds, but displaying the records took 20-22 seconds. Using a small instance for our OpenSearch POC. Our plan is to remove DynamoDB Search and replace it with OpenSearch. A search in DynamoDB currently shows 1000 records in the user interface. A new requirement is to display at least 5,000 records simultaneously in the UI with fast response time. Currently, DynamoDB is slow, so I’m doing POC with OpenSearch, but it’s also slow to get 5000 records in one request. Please point out what we are doing wrong.

In the attached screenshot I am trying to get 5000 records. The query says it takes 2.6 seconds to run, but the dashboard actually shows the records in 16-18 seconds. C#, DotNet client takes the same amount of time.

Please help !

Can you open this as an issue in the opensearch-dashboard github repo?

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