OpenSearch 2.7.0 delayed

UPDATE: 2.7.0 is set to release on Tuesday May 2nd.

Hi Community!

We are moving the release of 2.7.0 to accommodate the impact of holiday schedules on the timing of the code cut-off. We have updated the release schedule on our website and will soon update the release issue.

Thanks for your patience.


FYI: 2.7.0 was scheduled for release tomorrow, April 25th. Due to a few things found during regression testing, this date will be pushed back. We are currently working towards Thursday, April 27th, but may need to extend that to Tuesday, May 2nd. I expect we’ll know tomorrow and will update here, as well as the releases page when we know the exact date. Thank you for your patience.


List of PRs the team is working through:

OpenSearch Dashboards:



UPDATE: 2.7.0 is set to release on Tuesday May 2nd. This will allow time to fix issues found in regression tests, as well as implement a fix to address CVE-2022-45688. The releases page has been updated. Thank you for your understanding.


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