Openid (keycloak) auth: kibana does not refresh access token

I needed help with the above issue. I am using Opendistro with keycloak and openid. My access token time limit is 1 minute. After 1 minute I can see the session Kibana Page stops working unless I moved to another app like timelion or reload the page.

I suspect the issue #68 mentioned above is related to it and would like to know is there any fix available or when we would be expecting a fix.

I have the same issue - I extended my token timeout specifically for my Kibana client. I would recommend doing the same until the PR fix has been merged.

I fixed my merge conflict. Hopefully they will merge soon. This is also an issue in searchguard that’s why it wasn’t fixed in 1.2.x and 1.3.x now.

I published a 1.3.0 kibana container here with the plugin built: Docker Hub

You must also set the cookie TTL to equal the session time (in MS)

I was going through the code and I could not see anywhere we are fetching refresh_token and using it to update the access_token. Can you please let me know we are going to fix the issue ?