.opendistro_security record encoding

Dear All,
While working on the broken Kibana issue (Kibana stopped working after upgrade Opendistro 1.10.2 to 1.13.3 - #7 by rlevitsky),
I am trying to identify the exact content of the .opendistro_security index.
Fetching the “https://v161:9200/.opendistro_security/_search?pretty=true&q=*:*”,
I see that content is encoded, say,

        "_index" : ".opendistro_security",
        "_type" : "_doc",
        "_id" : "whitelist",
        "_score" : 1.0,
        "_source" : {
          "whitelist" : "eyJfbWV0YSI6eyJ0eXBlIjoid2hpdGVsaXN0IiwiY29uZmlnX3ZlcnNpb24iOjJ9LCJjb25maWciOnsiZW5hYmxlZCI6ZmFsc2UsInJlcXVlc3RzIjp7Ii9fY2x1c3Rlci9zZXR0aW5ncyI6WyJHRVQiXSwiL19jYXQvbm9kZXMiOlsiR0VUIl19fX0="

Could you please advise me how can I decode the content of the data field to the human-readable form?

Thanks in advance.

@rlevitsky That’s just base64 encoded, any base64 decoder should work.

Thank you so much Anthony, I guessed it too and it works.
This doesn’t seems to be helping to solve my original “no index pattern” issue - the content so far seems to be the same as the configuration files…