Opendistro crash when creating large number of rolesmapping with many users

I am trying to synchronize Opendistro Elasticsearch with an existing content database. The database has many roles around 50K and each may have up to 10K users. I tried to test the worst case by creating 50K roles and 50K rolesmapping each with 10K users. First it takes a very long time and then fails (out of memory exception).

What is the maximum threshold for roles and rolesmapping? How to resolve such situation? Any alternatives?


@asfoorial there doesn’t seem to be a hard limit on roles/mappings, in fact it also depends on the actual size of the content for each. Can you confirm which version of edfe you are using?

The version was 1.9. As far as I understood that they all get loaded into memory once the cluster is started, so would memory size become the hard limit?