Open Search Dashboard not accessible

Team, @searchymcsearchface @TheAlgo

I have installed the master node and open search dashboard pod’s using helm. Currently when i try to access the open search dashboard i get an error “OpenSearch Dashboards server is not ready yet”. The master node (opensearch-cluster-master) when accessed gives an error 502 Bad Gateway.
I have not changed any config as of now. Please let us know what the issue is or if any configuration needs to be changed?

Hi @music
Thanks for trying out the Helm charts. I assume you used the 1.0.0 version of our charts from this repo. Also can you do kubectl describe pods {opensearch-pod-name} that will help understand the issue you are facing.

@TheAlgo Thanks for your reply. Helm version : v3.6.3
I checked both the master and dashboard POD’s

i see : Events: none

Could not find any specific issue inside the POD

I have followed Helm - OpenSearch documentation documentation to install the POD’s

@music Sorry for the inconvenience, but can you try installing the charts using the repo I suggested. We recently moved to a new repo. Currently docs has link for the wrong repo.

P:S: Can you check the logs for the OpenSearch nodes. The Dashboards server is not ready because they are most probably not able to connect with the OpenSearch nodes.

@TheAlgo , thanks for your response,

The master node logs : [INFO ][o.o.j.s.JobSweeper ] [opensearch-cluster-master-2] Running full sweep
[INFO ][o.o.j.s.JobSweeper ] [opensearch-cluster-master-2] Running full sweep

Dashboard logs :
{“type”:“log”,“@timestamp”:“2021-09-14T15:54:32Z”,“tags”:[“error”,“opensearch”,“data”],“pid”:1,“message”:“[ResponseError]: Response Error”

As i informed my master nodes is not reachable getting an error 502 Bad gateway

Also, in the new repo you provided how do i install the dashboard should i use the same document “Helm - OpenSearch documentation

@music Yes you can use the same documentation. Please checkout the branch 1.0.0 in the repo for installing the chart. Thanks

@music Update : We have updated the documentation as well

@TheAlgo Thank you, i was able to run the open search dashboard… So how do we define client,data nodes because all the nodes that are running is master… how do we get our dashboard connected to these nodes to ingest the data? Should we modify the values.yaml file?

How do we designate the nodes in master/data/client because the container created says all 3 are master