Notifications plugin - one email for multiple receivers

Hello all,

Currently we are testing OpenSearch v 2.2.0. We’ve created several monitors, with triggers and email notification as an action. We have configured email receivers in two ways.

Configuration 1

Channel X → Email receipent group 1 → Email address 1
→ Email receipent group 2 → Email address 2

Configuration 2

Channel X → Email receipent group 1 → Email address 1 & Email address 2

The outcome of configuration 1 and configuration 2 was, that each email address received a separate email. Is this expected behaviour? How should we configure our channel, that when monitor triggers an email notification, both email addresses would be included in the same email?

We have cases that multiple email addresses should receive the same email, it would simplify further communication if everyone would be included in one email thread.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi, the only way to support that is to create an email alias, where any email sent to the alias is sent to all the other emails. I suggest creating a feature request for this.

Hi @Danny,

This was a side-effect of integration with Notifications plugin since the call to the SMTP client was only taking in a single recipient. So the passthrough ended up mimicking the way Notifications does it for their channel.

As @ashisagr-amzn suggested, I’d recommend creating a feature request in the Notifications repo (and linking it here as well for anyone who happens upon this later). If there is traction for users requesting both behaviors, we can look into making this selectable (possibly via a cluster plugin setting).

@ashisagr-amzn, @qreshi thank you for your answers!

I’ll discuss this with my team. We’re probably interested in having this feature, therefore we will make a request in the nearest future. Hopefully more teams would like to have this feature as well! :slight_smile: