Not able to view the Metric beat Dashboard by default in the opensearch dashboard

Hi ,

    i have installed the metric best in the Linux server and i can able to view the index created in the opensearch . but iam not able to view the metric beat dashboard in the dashboard menu. can you please help me on this issue to find the default dashboard for the Linux server.

here iam sharing the yml configuration for your reference. am i missing any configuration setup here ?. if please help me on this.

path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
reload.period: 60s
reload.enabled: False

path.home: /apps/metricbeat/metricbeat
path.config: /apps/metricbeat/metricbeat /apps/metricbeat/metricbeat/data
path.logs: /apps/metricbeat/metricbeat/logs

logging.level: warning
logging.to_syslog: False
logging.metrics.enabled: True
logging.metrics.period: 30s
logging.to_files: True
path: logs
name: metricbeat.log
rotateeverybytes: 10485760 # = 10MB
keepfiles: 3
permissions: 384
interval: 1h
logging.json: False

seccomp_enabled: True

hosts: [“XXXXX:443”]
username: XXX
password: XXXX
protocol: ‘https’
ssl.certificate_authorities: [‘/apps/elastic/filebeat/certs/XXX’]
index: ‘mbeat-%{[agent.version]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}’

name: ‘mbeat’
pattern: ‘mbeat-*’
enabled: true

Hi @ssksraja,
what do you mean by you are not able to see the Dashboard?
Are you unable to view the Metrics that are indexed?
Secondly can you share what Version of Metricbeat and OpenSearch have you installed?

yes. iam not able to view the metrics that are indexed in the dashboard.
the version of metrixbeat is metricbeat-oss-7.10.2-linux and opensearch is metricbeat-7.10.2-linux-x86_64. kindly let me know if any details required to resolve this issue.Thanks in advance.

Hi @ssksraja,
what’s in the Log from the OpenSearch Backend?
Can you see a Security Exception that your User isn’t able to view the Metrics?
Have you tried to login as the Admin User and view the Metrics with that User?
If the Logs are corretly index you should be able to view the Logs with the Admin.

No i cant see any security exception in the logs.