No option to create new data source in dashboards UI

Versions OpenSearch 2.13

Describe the issue:
I have created a domain cluster in the AWS OpenSearch console. I can access the dashboard UI through the domain and have created dashboards with sample data. I am trying to connect to S3 to get data for a dashboard; however under “Management” → “Data sources” there is no option to create a new data source.


I have seen this post - Can't see connect data source option - #5 by Eugene7 - that advises the user to update the opensearch_dashboards.yml; however I do not know where to find this file in the console setup (I do not have OpenSearch running locally) .

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hi @mbboynto,

Have you tried opening the Data Sources settings page as an admin user?

Could you please check if your user has permission to create a data source?

For more information, please refer to the OpenSearch documentation on data source permissions: