No live node in cluster

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
version 2.6.0
ubuntu linux

Describe the issue:
installed opensearch using online doc RPM on my ubuntu vm.
running the test opensearch is live and online and using provided Curl , i can see the information about node and cluster.
when i try to install Magento 2 that requires opensearch now . i get the following issue
Could not validate a connection to the OpenSearch. No alive nodes found in your cluster

I have install Elasticsearch , and vanilla configuration worked with latest Magento 2.4.6 , but no matter what I do as per doc i found on the net , I can now install magento if im going to use Opensearch rather then Eleasticsearch.
I would assume this has something to do with JAVA_HOME ? I have java installed on my system but JAVA_HOME is not defined in environment file but all java programs run with no issue.
Any suggestion would be great as I see many magento users facing exact same issue As I do .


basic opensearch.yml configuration as per installation doc

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

The first thing I think about is SSL when I see this actually. Have you setup Magneto to use HTTPS to connect with OpenSearch? Out of the box https is on but it’s using a self signed cert which can cause issues for some systems.

Managed to install magento . I disabled SSL as per doc in opensearch.yml

I already installed Magento 2.4.6. But Elasticsearch7 and Opensearch doesn’t work!

I appreciated some kinds of words.


@jacky According to your screenshot, you’re trying to connect with OpenSearch or ElasticSearch at localhost.

Did you install either of these in the same node as Magento?

Did you have a look at this GitHub bug?