New Discover - Not possible to expand several documents

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Describe the issue:
With all previous versions it was possible to expand as many Discover documents as users needed. It was heavily used by our users to compare few documents while debugging issues.
The new Discover unfortunately removed this possibility. If one document is expanded, in order to expand another one the prior one has to be closed.
This makes investigating by comparing three of four documents very difficult and time consuming.
Would it be possible to somehow bring back the old functionality where user is able to expand few documents at the same time?
We are getting a lot of user complaints about this.


Hey @maciej

You best bet would be to put this request in on Github here

What I did was use the View Single document which opened a new tab. I did this for each document need.

Thank you @Gsmitt. I have put a request on github.
Opening documents in a new tab is a workaround, yes, thank you for the idea. Unfortunately it still is not as comfortable as having several documents expanded at the same page :frowning: