.Net connecting to AWS with CloudID

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OpenSearch .Net client want to connect via Option 5 of OpenSearchClient cloudid, apikeyAuthenticationCredentials, I find no CloudConnectionPool documentation explaining how to get cloudid…

AWS OpenSearch, latest OpenSearch.net clients (basic authentication works, FYI).

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Does anyone know the expected response time here???

Hi @jrran64,

The CloudConnectionPool is a holdover from when OpenSearch was forked from Elasticsearch and relates to their cloud offering. Similarly OpenSearch does not yet support API key authentication.

The primary methods I know of for connecting to the managed Amazon OpenSearch Service is with a SingleNodeConnectionPool and either basic auth or with IAM credentials and AwsSigV4 signing. I believe client certificate auth is also possible, but have not used it myself.

We want to go the IAM creds and AwsSigV4 way. It seems the Package Mentioned when I use the link to IAM credentials from your response,

is not part of the Nuget libraries. Where can I find the download for it ?

FYI, that package we can’t access is OpenSearch.Net.Auth.AwsSigV4 version 1.0.0

That might be a typo. Try NuGet Gallery | OpenSearch.Net.Auth.AwsSigV4 1.2.0 v1.2.0

I still need to get the Nuget Package also but Im sure that v.1.2.0 will do it once I have that. (I have low and high level client nugets already)