.Net Client Class ID creating field iD

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OpenSearch .NET 1.2

Describe the issue:
What works? Almost everything. Index created with fields “sa” and “oa” as keywords. .Net class has “SA” and “OA” attribute. IndexMany “works”, just creates new fields sA and oA with default text (and keyword) mappings. In Nest-Elasticsearch, I can create some attribute mappings (especially class attribute name to fieldname). Can I do that in OpenSearch or accomplish this another way?

.Net core, .Net client 1.2, can I map??

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:
Index created with _id automatically, SA keyword
Class has ID, and SA, json becomes id, and sa
json deserialized as ID and SA, indexed successfully but as iD and sA

@jrran64 Have you figured this out yet? If so, can you post your findings here for future reference. And if not, hopefully we can find someone who can answer your question.

we figured it out thanks