Need some information on the Kibana GUI input controls

Hello ,

I have an visualization with the table in Kibana, here i have an requirement as to add input control buttons to open/close/in progress functions to an alerts/event from the kibana index patterns that are added in the kibana visualization.

Please provide any information on GUI control if any thing possible to add to the kibana visualizations.

Thanks ,

The kibana iam using is 7.10.2 ODFE version

Controls are a visualization, so when you add it to a dashboard they can affect other visualizations. Does that meet your needs?

This is like the filtering the events/data from the visualizations/dashboards from kibana,but the expectation is like if an alert /event is located in the table , i want to enable/disable that specific alert/event from the table visualization means i need an input as open the alert for enable or close the alert for disable type of status ,any other plugins/inputs do we need to add to get this type of controls in kibana


I am using the kibana 7.10.2 version with created visualizations and dashboards

If I’m understanding your request, I don’t think that’s something that can be natively done and I’m not sure of any plugins that would work.