Multi-node cluster

Hi ,

I am configuring two node opendistro elastic cluster , installed ODE/kibana on each node , configured each node as master/data node.

Now I have some questions before I get any further with setup :

  • How to change default number of shards and replicas , I need cluster to be fully operational if one node goes completely down .
  • Is there any issues with each server having ES listening on port 9200 ?
  • I need to have kibana work on case of node failure , can I just install kibana on both systems , point each kibana to local ES server ?


First thing you have to know that two node elasticsearch cluster is not a good idea if you want to cover one node failure scenario. In this case you would have to configure


and basically if you will have connection interruption between your 2 es nodes you will have split brain problem

With only 2 nodes you should configure
but then if one node will go down whole cluster will change it state to RED

So basically minimum multinode cluster should have 3 nodes with:
then one node can goes down.

Answearing rest of your question:
-number of shards and replicas can be set when you create and index or using templates:

-no issue with port 9200
-you can install kibana on both server. You can even install it on your laptop

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