Multi factor authentication in opensearch, opensearch dashboards

I am using Opensearch 2.2.1 RPM and want to know if there is any support for multi factor authentication.

Hi @chaitra !

You can enable multiple authentication options for OpenSearch Dashboards with version 2.4.0 or higher:

For the OpenSearch cluster, you can use more than one authentication domain. You can read more information about it here:

Hi @Eugene7 Thanks for the response.
Multiple authentication gives option to use either one of the basic auth or SSO. I am looking for an option where authentication is done by 2 ways simultaneously. Is there any such options?

Hi @chaitra!
What do you mean by authentication is done by 2 ways simultaneously?

Do you use OpenSearch Dashboards with OpenSearch or some other custom software?

I use Opensearch with Opensearch dashboards.
Consider I’m using openid_auth in Opensearch, then there won’t be 2-way authentication, because only openid_auth domain verifies but basic auth will not.
So is there any option where authentication is done by both 2 domains?

Hi @chaitra!

Multifactor authentication is not supported by the plugin.

Also, if a user is authenticated by one domain, he or she can’t be authenticated by a second domain simultaneously.