Moving Learning to Rank Plugin into opensearch-project

Hello community,

OpenSearch does not currently have an open source Learning-to-Rank plugin in our project. We are interested in this proposal to bring an external OpenSearch compatible plugin into the project and would love community feedback and input on the idea: Please take a look and provide your thoughts on this.


Hey @markcohen

I just started working with machine learning, and I also like pretty shiny things. I would love to test this out. I think this would help improve our Prod environement. My job is to create a new platform so we can limit the amount of devices for monitoring, so i went with Opensearch.

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This sounds great to me, I don’t see any downsides. Except for the work needed to adapt and maintain this plugin, of course :slight_smile:


Hey @radu.gheorghe


I also like less work :smiley:
What Im testing now MS Hyper-V, GPU-P to utilize hardware acceleration for ML. I only been at this for two months , so yeah Im still a n00b :laughing: