Moving between dedicated nodes for Hot / Warm (Curator)

Are you able to achieve the same thing you would with Hot → Warm → Cold as you are with Curator? Wherein you move between nodes dedicated for a role via the the node attributes.

I am wanting to create policies that effectively replace the curator component, which I believe is the objective of the ISM (As well as others) but I don’t see a way of doing this via actions right now.

I guess a rollover to a new index on the warm nodes would be the best equivalent?

Hi @Dandy,

That is the goal, yes. We currently have an Allocate action in PR that has mainly been blocked because of lack of multi-node integration tests running in the repository, so it was hard to write a test that deals with moving indices to different nodes. With the switch to the new testing framework in the newer versions we are more easily able to test this and expect this to go in soon.

@dbbaughe Can you throw me the PR? I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hi @Dandy

Here are links :