Monitor logstash pipelines in opensearch dashboards

I am using Opensearch version 2.3.0
I want to monitor my logstash pipeline status through opensearch dashboards.
I am unable to find any docs regarding this.
Can anyone help me with this?


I’m currently working on this on my side i think i found a way using the input plugin http_poller for logstash to call this url http://localhost:9600/_node/stats/pipelines/<pipeline_name>

On this url you should find all the data you need. You can then index this data in opensearch.

The data need some, for example to get the events per second you will need to make the calculation based on the data you get on link, but it is kind of straightforward.

"events": {
    "duration_in_millis": 433304110,
    "out": 141647855,
    "in": 141647855

here you need to divide the value in out by the duration in seconds.