Monitor & destination meta data

Is it possible to add meta-data to a monitor or destination definition, for example like ingest pipelines has a description attribute.

My use case is to organize alerts under high level categories, for example Cluster Health, Document Metrics and pass that along from the trigger ctx variables to the action template.

Hi @shah,
The first requirement I see here is that the description would need to be in JSON format in order to be used in the ctx variables.

Just to clarify you would like to just have some text attached to monitors and destinations?

Hi @lucaswin-amzn,

Yes that is correct, the aim here is to organize and track alerts going to a custom webhook and be able to know what category the alert falls under based on some monitor meta data.

Hi @shah,

I don’t see a justification to add this kind of meta-data purely for categorization. You could put this information into the monitor / trigger name and then access it using the ctx variable while sending an alert, or am I understanding your use case incorrectly?

Lucas Winkelmann

Hi @lucaswin-amzn,

Our current work around is to use the the name attribute to scope the category / namespace.

Thanks for the insights!

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