Missing roles/permissions after upgrade


I’ve upgraded my Opensearch from 2.3 to version 2.4 by using the tar-Archive and merging the configuration files into the new tree. Everything worked fine so far and Opensearch is running.

But now i am wondering how i can get the new roles/permissions for the security analytics plugin into my setup?! These aren’t visible/available in the OSD. Is there any manual task i have to do?

Ok, i figured it out by myself. But maybe someone else has the same question, this is how i merged the new roles:

I have created a backup of the configuration by using securityadmin.sh, then merged the new roles (by diff’ing the old and new version distribution files) into my backup configuration file and finally uploaded only the modified file to my opensearch instance.

The command options are explained here:

I’ve someone has a better idea for this, i am happy to get a comment.

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