Migrating from PostgresDB to opensearch

we are currently using postgres as our RDS.we are maintaining two DB’s for seperate regions(say india,uk)based on the location from frontend we are switching between the DB’s.
How can we achieve this in OpenSearch with one custom domain name.
And also how can we migrate existing Postgres data into the Opensearch data.


Hey @tepal

Use replicatation as show in this doc might help.

Create one domain name. You’re DNS servers should be able to handle that.

I havent done that, you might be able to use data sources but I dont think that will migrate data from postgres to Opensearch, It will disaplay data from those server with postgres.
Info about that shown here.

Hello @tepal

My appologies for some reason I misread your post. if you trying to connect two Opensearch nodes in two different geographical location

You need to use Active Directory Sites and Services. To create:

  1. Subnet Links for each site
  2. Move each DC to their respective site
  3. Configure Replication Schedulles/Transport Methods

In Opensearch.yml file you should be able to use discovery.seed_hosts: ["host1", "host2"].
hope that helps

If I understand your problem correctly, I feel cross cluster search feature could help
Cross-cluster search - OpenSearch documentation ?

Using above feature, you can route requests to one end point pointing to parent cluster(in regionA) and let the parent cluster route request to child cluster(region B).

thnaks for ur suggestion