Migrate ElasticSearch 5.x to OpenSearch 1.0

My question is an architectural issue.

I have to migrate one cluster of ElasticSearch version 5.6 to OpenSearch 1.0. There are several methods to migrate this, but, I have to find a better method for my production environment.

Some points to consider:

  • My indices were created in 5.6 version, therefore, I have to update them.
  • I go to AWS OpenSearch service

Some options that were considered to migration:

Is there any method to migrate indicies in version 5.x to OpenSearch 1.0 directly realizing a reindex? If not, whats the better method I can consider to migrate this?

Hmm. I do reindex from 5.6 to 7.x. After Open search release I did a test by reindexing from 7.x to 1.x and it works well. And follow by document, they do recommend by that way, not direct


@BlackMetalz thanks for your response. I reindex from 5.6 to 7.10, but I had a large difference in number of shards. I have to analizy this cenary. If I make this migration (5.6 to 7.10) correctly, I can use backup/restore to migrate to OpenSearch easily.
I think I will have to study all break changes between versions for finding my problem with number of shards… So, thanks!

If someone have a better method, help me :joy: :sweat_smile: