Managed Index API

Managed Index API
I am using OpenSearch 1.2.0
I have deployed OpenSearch using these Helm charts, GitHub - nickytd/kubernetes-logging-helm: Scalable Kubernetes logging stack with Opensearch
I have everything working, I have customized the FluentBit config for my logs and am almost good to go.
I wanted to setup a policy to delete the indicies after 30 days.
I was using this JSON to setup that up:

	"policy": {
		"policy_id": "DELETE_OLDER_THAN_30D",
		"description": "Policy that deletes indicies older than 30 days.",
		"schema_version": 1,
		"error_notification": null,
		"default_state": "open",
		"states": [{
				"name": "open",
				"actions": [{
					"open": {}
				"transitions": [{
					"state_name": "delete",
					"conditions": {
						"min_index_age": "30d"
				"name": "delete",
				"actions": [{
					"delete": {}
				"transitions": []

But when I use the OpenSearch Dashboard, and attempt to try to manage an index by attaching this policy the list of indicies is always empty.
In order to get everything working, I created a new index, and if I go to the “indicies” tab, I can see all of the indicies which have been created via my FluentBit configuration.

When I go to Managed Indicies and hit theChange Policy button, the first thing I have to choose is a “Managed Indicies”, and that list is always empty.

So what do I have to do, to get something to populate this list? Nothing in the UI will allow me to do this.
So I assume I need to use an API to do it, but that is already being used to create the index already.

Thanks for any feedback.

Have you updated the rule via a template? :thinking:

Source: Index State Management - OpenSearch documentation