M1 ARM Mac Builds

Hello there, currently using regular ES with my Mac with x86 JDK, however it had some problems. Would like to contribute to efforts to run it with ARM, or at least start the discussion of it. Considering other things, it’s not major however would like to know the options.

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Hey @mustafa. This has been our list for a while. Here is the issue ES / Kibana - macOS distribution (X64) · Issue #593 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/opendistro-build · GitHub

What can we do to help you make progress on ARM support? cc: @nknize

With OpenSearch their are more options for builds making Mac/ARM support a lot more feasible. IIRC, Open Distro could only do Linux/ARM due to the availability of binaries.

TL;DR - I wouldn’t expect Open Distro to have Mac/ARM support, but it’s possible with OpenSearch.

You can track the progress using the below distribution support roadmap