Looking for comprehensive Java doc for OpenSearch SDK

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch version 2.3.0

Describe the issue:

I am not able to find detail documentation on OpenSearch Java SDK. I read the one page documentation in official website page for Java client Java high-level REST client - OpenSearch documentation. That contains few simple CRUD operations. But nothing more than that. SDK source code doesn’t have many comments. Conceptually I am fine as I have used ElasticSearch before. HTTP requests are more or less same. But Java SDKs for OpenSearch have different classes & method signatures. Is there a place where I can find detail documentation or sample code for OpenSearch Java library? I am writing first application in Java for OpenSearch. So any help is much appreciated.

I found this blog with multiple Java code examples related to OpenSearch CRUD operations which cover some complex scenarios too. It should be good enough for me to figure out how to read/write with OpenSearch Java SDKs.