Logstash-oss in OpenShift?

Hi all. I’m trying to deploy logstash-oss-with-opensearch-output-plugin within OpenShift, to send logs to an existing external OpenSearch server.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? If so, can anyone point me to any documentation or discussions on how to do it? I’m already using the logstash-oss plugin, but have little idea how to deploy it using Docker and OpenShift.



@McJava1967 As far as I know OpenShift can run Docker containers and use Docker repositories.
I’m not familiar with OpenShift. You might start with its documentation on deploying Docker containers.
From the deployment side, there is not much to do. Just pull the Logstash image from Docker and attach your config files.
Please be aware that you must use opensearch instead of elasticsearch in the output plugin.
More information on the opensearch output configuration in the Logstash and Logstash deployment you can find here.