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Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

OpenSearch Dashboard 2.6.0, Firefox

Describe the issue:

I wonder if or how it’s possible to share a link to an analyze page with filters and columns and so on. I can create a bookmark in my browser that works. But everytime when I try to insert the URL from the address bar of my browser to a markdown or html page, I get an error when I open it. Either the filters are not working or the columns are ignored. And there is no “share” or “link to” button to create a working URL.

Funny enough, I didn’t find anything in help or this group or anywhere else in the web.


Are you taking this from existing issue? you could suggest new feature by creating a new issue?

@tchick Yeah the url format confuses the standard url parser because of the url parameters. Have you tried the short URL? Also for markdown specifically, you can use markdown’s link syntax to get around this issue. e.g. [link text](dashboard url). And if you want us to change this feature, feel free to open an issue on Dashboard github page to fix this issue :slight_smile:


How can I get a short ULR. I didn’t found anything. Maybe I’m blind?

Markdown’s link syntax doesn’t work either :frowning: at least not for the
links I tried.

For dashboards, there is a share button on the navbar that can give you a link to the dashboard. It has a toggle for short url

great, that’s the thing I searched for. thx!