Limit connection per user Opensearch

Hi. Is there any existing feature like limit connection per user?
I do worry about some code requests from clients having bugs that create way too many connections for the OpenSearch cluster and it will affect the performance of the cluster. So I want to ask is there any way to prevent it happens?

Per user implies per unique login, right? E.g. user ‘foo’ should not be able to make 100 connections, but user ‘bar’ can make up to 200 connections?

If so, I think we should move this to the Security category as OpenSearch itself has no concept of users (but the security plugin does).

If you’re trying to do something else, can you dive a little deeper into exactly what you’re trying to do?

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Yeah, I guess this should move to the security section.

Like in MySQL. You can create a user from can connect specific host with a limited connection ( I guess you know what I’m saying about xD ).
For example, one of my developers which I grant him an account for access to my OpenSearch cluster, but his code making an infinity loop which creates lots of connection ( maybe prevent another user indexing/search in the cluster ). I just wonder about that :grin:

@BlackMetalz Makes total sense. I’m not an expert in that aspect of the security plugin and I don’t see it in the docs at a casual glance.

Perhaps this could also be configured before OpenSearch thought (firewall?) - just a thought.

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yeah, docs are lacking lots of information.
About firewall. It is complicated if you have multiple subnets mask.
But the main problem still is the limited connection from a specific user to make sure cluster still running good if a client goes wrong and the cluster still running fine without any effect :grin: